Play Dough Adventure Bundle (Green / Orange / Black)

Play Dough Adventure Bundle (Green / Orange / Black)

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Perfect for little hands to mould, this play dough encourages big imagination and creative sensory play. Bio Dough is oh-so soft and can be easily blended together to make other colours!

This bundle features fantasy colour (Green, Orange and Black), scented lightly with the recognisable scents of lime, orange and blackberry. Each colour comes individually packaged at 125g each - a great size for children to handle.

Things we love about Bio Dough play dough:

  • Natural and Safe - made entirely out of food grade colours and fragrances!
  • Super soft for little hands
  • Rehydratable - if your play dough accidentally gets left out a bit too long
  • 100% Australian made and owned

Recommended for ages 2+ with adult supervision. Bio Dough is a toy and should not be consumed. This play dough contains wheat and should not be used near children with gluten sensitivities.